Extreme poverty in Uganda has fallen, but remains high with 38% of people living on less than $1.25/day and 65% on less than $2/day in 2009.

Government spending is low: just over £250 per person in 2012. International inflows have been dominated by ODA but, since 2010, FDI has risen sharply and in 2012 both ODA and FDI stood at $1.7 billion.

In 2012 remittances to Uganda were around US$730 million and inflows of long-term debt reached US$550 million.

The 2006 spike in ODA was due to debt relief but, by 2012, the health sector received the most ODA: nearly 40%. Most ODA comes as cash, or a mix of cash and aid-in-kind. But in 2012, over a fifth of Uganda’s ODA was loans.