In 2010 25% of Nepal’s population lived on less than $1.25/day and 57% lived on less than $2/day. Government spending is – low US$409 per capita in 2012.

Remittances are by far the largest source of international inflows, reaching $4.8 billion in 2012.

ODA totalled US$932 million and smaller amounts come from long-term debt and FDI. ODA has remained fairly constant at around US$1 billion per year since 2008 although 2012 ODA was down by 9% compared with 2011. The largest single sector funded by ODA is infrastructure, followed by education, governance and health. 39% of Nepal’s ODA was identifiably in the form of cash grants and 14% as loans in 2012. Technical cooperation accounted for 14% and 25% was a mix of cash and aid-in-kind.