How to empower the post-2015 framework

A joint paper by Development Initiatives, Global Witness and the International Budget Partnership

Sustainable development requires open and effective government, enabled by citizen oversight and participation. Governments, institutions and business need engaged citizens to help design, and implement, the most effective policy solutions for economic transformation.

The dramatic improvements in health, education and environmental sustainability offered by the post-2015 framework will not take place if governments, societies and citizens lack the power to ensure implementation happens and local solutions are developed. Much has been written on governance – the need to fight corruption, promote transparency, accountability, participation, harness technology and empower citizens. This paper explains how to realise those aims in the post-2015 framework, through:

  • Mainstreaming “Investment and outcome indicators” – to give real-time, accurate information for monitoring progress against the post-2015 development framework;
  • A standalone goal on “open information” – to harness the power of technology and information to enable governments, societies and citizens to better face the decisions that impact their development.